Below is some of the effects we can deliver our optical lenticular prints; 3D In-Depth Images™.  We can make fantastic 3D (Depth), Flip-effect (changing Pictures), Movie-effect up to 50+ frames, zoom, morph or a combination of effects.

By taking advantage of this opportunity a DM will have up to 20 times the response of a normal DM and an ad will be get approximately 400% more attention. As a rule you need to send a DM minimum 3 times for the same response as with a lenticular front, so it can be extremely cost-efficient.

We deliver 3D In-Depth Images™ from sizes ranging from business cards up to boards and the prints could e.g. be utilized for brochures, DM, posters, shelf wobblers, iPhone covers, bookmarks, luggage tags, mouse pads, postcards, ads, membership cards, decorative walls and more.

Take a look below for example uses, do not hesitate to request for samples.

We deliver all formats also as transparent for back-lit if needed.

Please click the images to experience the effects.

3D effect
Other effects
...and lots more